This support section of our website is the place to get online support for the Drivermatics products, keep abreast of our development roadmap, as well as allowing you to express your opinions and thoughts as part of the Global Drivermatics community.

It consists of four separate sub-sections.

Forums is the place to go for support and to let us know what you would like to see included in future releases.
Via our Blogs, you can read and comment on the thoughts shared by our employees.
The Events sub-section lets you know about any events that we organise.
Finally, the Wiki section is the place to go for more detailed information about the usage of our products.

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The more your input, the more you get out

When we first started designing Drivermatics, we required the user to enter a lot of information about themselves and their vehicle before they could get on with using the application. During our e...

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Registering a new vehicle profile

Once you have registered your user account, it is necessary to setup one (or more) vehicle profiles for the vehicles that you will be driving.  This can be done from within the Drivermatics...

Registering a new user account

In order to use Drivermatics, you must first register a user account.  User accounts can be registered on your smartphone when you first launch Drivermatics, or you can create a user accoun...

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There are currently no events.

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Exiting app & sync problem

Hi. I just started using your app. Really great. I have a few questions, however. 1. How can I shut the app down, when I am not driving. It runs continually in the background and needlessly drains...

Eliezer Shore
iOS App - No GPS locations logged & No Sync Items

Hi, Ive been using the app a few months now - on my iOS 12 iPhone SE. All my journeys prior to 5/10/18 have been recorded and synced correctly. Since then, the journey records but will not sync....

Mark Vent
Website Security

I am using iOS 11.4.1 on my devices and they report NOT SECURE for your site apple provides info at the following URL. it would be nice to see that ...

Graeme wright